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            ราคาต่อรองมวยไทย-มวยตู้ ฟรีทุกวัน

            spring herizons On Stands Now
            How to Indigenize Pop Culture

            Sonya Ballantyne is a lot of things: a filmmaker, a writer, a motivational speaker, a podcaster and yes—even an official Barbie role model.

            When she was first contacted by the Mattel toy company in 2019, her first thought was that they were looking to hire her production company, Code Breaker Films, to work on a campaign. Instead, the company sais was one of 60  Canadians chosen to be Mattel role models to mark the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Barbie doll.

            Spring 2020
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            Top Stories
            Deconstructing Patriarachy  by Bev Pike

            Imagine yourself in 1975 wandering through the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Images of Woman exhibition.

            What’s this? So many of the artworks depict women naked, and, in this International Women’s Year show, curated from the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s permanent collection, only 28 percent of the artworks featured are by female artists.

            You read that the gallery hopes the exhibit will attract women visitors. Imagine!

            (above: Boob Tree, Phillis Green)

            Phoenix Rises  by Susan G. Cole

            What Radical Feminist Andrea Dworkin Can Teach Us Today

            In the U.S. and in Canada, the 1980s pornography debate created a huge chasm in the women’s movement.

            Tuning in to Time's Up  by Cindy Filipenko

            Canadian women in the entertainment industry have launched a campaign for greater gender parity in the music industry.

            Founded in the spring of 2017 by music industry veterans Joanne Setterington and Keely Kemp, Across the Board is pushing for half of all seats on the boards of critical Canadian music organizations to be filled by women. After all, the music industry’s boards advocate on behalf of all artists, about half of whom are women.


            Penni Mitchell
            Disarming Military Misogyny
            by Penni Mitchell

            Military misogyny is having a moment.

            In January, General Jonathan Vance retired as defence chief of the Canadian Armed Forces just as allegations of sexual misconduct against him became public, and his replacement, Admiral Art McDonald,...

            Cheryl Thomopson
            Beyond Black Representation
            by Cheryl Thompson

            In January 2021, the acclaimed African American actor Cicely Tyson died at the age of 96. Her 1972 film Sounder, about the plight of a Black sharecropping couple and their children’s fight for opportunity amid a blatantly racist...

            Lianne Leddy
            Speaking Indigenously
            by Lianne Leddy

            A year after the COVID-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented changes to our lives, the restrictions we continue to face have led to many challenges such as social isolation, mental health struggles and childcare issues.

            I have a lot to...

            Kate Sloan
            Dodging Bullets and MeToo
            by Kate Sloan

            I was shocked when a woman came forward online to describe the ways in which her ex had abused and assaulted her. I was shocked because her ex was, at the time, my good friend.

            After I heard her...

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